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[27th March] Roadmap 2022

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on: March 27, 2022, 08:24:09 AM
Hello adventurers, or should I say Normans?

I am very glad to share and announce the overall direction of the server here. Since the inception of the server last year, things are moving slowly because I have been testing on things under the scene. The iOS and android apk ports are still under works right now and not released as they currently do not meet my expectations. With mobile porting plans thrown out of the window currently, I will now focus my resources onto browser mode. The browser mode enables players using MacOS and Linux to enjoy the game and players do not need try so hard anymore just to get the game running.

Opening a private server like this, the first thing that always worries me in the long run would be copyright infringements. The game engine is already running on coding that are different from the original one (no plagiarism involved), I am now trying to update all art, background music, sound and visual effects and various other assets of the game into newer ones so it looks improved.

Next's up - 4th jobs. Testing and more fine-tuning.
Next, events.

I would like to use this opportunity to congratulate our streamer, MCM to reach 100 viewers on his twitch channel !!! Last Friday's event was amazing !!! I always support streamers, and I would be glad to host an event just for you to create contents. Just feel free to message me directly for details on this one.

I also intend to bring in customized bosses and its drops into the game for a limited time so it brings flavor and stands out from the rest of the server. Limited time, mainly because I do not want the bosses or contents that do not belong to the original game to stay permanently here.

Last but not least, donations. Monetary issues are always the most sensitive to Normans and adventurers so I leave this at the last. Now, the server is running on bare metal which means I get to incur some costs every month. I am willing to do that just because I can, and I am passionate about it. There are many servers out there which opens up just for the sake of donations and I assure you that our server are different from these. Donate only if you can, its a bonus for me if you could do that. I'm going to use these bonus gotten from donations to go on a jacuzzi trip. (hahaha) This server will always stay f2p/free to play.

- Windy