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[22th March] Spring update 2022, special streaming event (3)

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Dear adventurers,

This is part III of the Spring update. (Just look at the latest part in order to keep in touch with the latest update, there is no need to look at previous posts.)

The latest update is available on the game website to download. We have done major updates which I would include in bullet points below, and along with the latest update comes our spring event as well.
Watch the city of Prontera's trees bloom in action, happy Spring 2022 !

Affected towns and maps:
- Izlude
- Prontera
- Geffen
- Payon
- Alberta
- Juno
- South of Prontera (Field 8 )


We have our server featured on Twitch once more with MCM entertainment during 23th and 25th March 2022, from 8.30pm to 11pm (GMT+8), viewers who plays and watch the stream at the same time will receive mystery rewards which will be announced at the start of the event. Our GMs, including myself will be partaking in the event.

List of mystery rewards during the event:
To be announced.

List of Updates: (Continued from part II)
- Game client updated to 2019 build to support item ID above 64k, and in preparation for release of 4th jobs and extended classes
- Daily attendance
- Cash Shop
- Voting Shop (To be released soon, keep voting and store those voting points for the goodies !)
- Day and Night feature, following GMT+8 time zone
- VIP function now works, upon donation
- Added crypto channel on discord channel for crypto transactions
- 1-1 immediate job change without running around, go to 2nd floor of Criatura Academy in Izlude to do your job change. Choose wisely!
- 1-2 job change are now skipped when the character hits job level 50
- Released permanent IP banning as a result of too many tries, I did that so players wouldnt come to me just to ask to be unbanned. Just wait for 5 minutes after multiple attempts
- Upon reaching job level 50, you could instantaneously advanced onto class 1-2 when you visit Job Master at Criatura Academy's principal's office (iz_ac02) 103, 201

*DO NOTE THAT YOU CAN ALSO CHANGE INTO A BABY, BUT THE CHANGE IS IRREVERSIBLE. Although cuter, smaller sized, they cannot transcend like every adult Normans do.

List of fixes:
- Character deletion now works properly, using e-mail as the key to confirm deletion
- Izlude academy 2F map is permanently fixed again after unexpected bug showed up to haunt the previous version
- Missing item sprites for certain equipments
- Fixed an issue where some monsters still stayed on the map upon death
- Disabling of Doram classes for balancing issues
- Izlude map fixes, some spots, especially the centre of the town which couldn't be traversed
- Removed floating icons from kRO across various weapon shops
- Repositioned an npc in one of the izlude shops back to its intended position
- Backend SQL logs update
- Daily reward NPC fixed, now players will stand still and look at the direction of NPC just like how they talk to other NPC while redeeming daily gifts.
- Quality of life revamp on Izlude, now players will not be able to switch channels in between Izlude and the Academy to avoid confusion. This feature was implemented on original server due to high population.
- Fixed the Kafra in the Academy who sends the players over to the Principal's Office with the wrong co-ordinates, leaving them stuck in the map.

Stay tuned for the next updates !