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[17th May] Game Patch Notice - WoE event

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on: May 17, 2022, 05:43:30 AM
Dear adventurers,

I am pleased to announce that I have finished preparing the necessary high-def graphic files and they are ready to patch! Another milestone completed, and we are progressing in breaking away from using original assets little by little. The new patch will be about 2GB of size, I will be uploading the new version of client on the webhost as well. Alternatively, existing players can also run GuildRO patcher to update the game client.

The patch will take place on 20th May between 9pm - 11pm. Game service will be down during this time.

In order to encourage guilds and players to participate the War of Emperium, the first five guilds to seize castle by the end of the event will be rewarded with 'Old card album' x2 for each guild leader, and one for every participant. GMs will also participate the war by being emperium breakers with their normal / non-GM characters.

Do expect the voting shop and cash shop to be up and working by the end of May as well, players can finally spend their voting points and get more noteworthy item to help them out on their adventure.

Stay awesome and look forward to the next update!

With love,
- Windy