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[6th May] Notice - What's next?

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on: May 06, 2022, 09:06:27 PM
Dear adventurers,

With a heavy heart, I am writing to announce that all events held on this server will be withheld indefinitely. Rates are back to 5x instead of 10x, quest rate stays the same at 25x. This is to protect and hide the server by going under the radar. Game advertisements held on various voting sites are suspended, but voting points still counts as usual.

The recent clampdown by the Newton's law of downward force continues to create chaos not only in the private server scene, but also banning innocent streamers who are streaming their official server on twitch. If I were to describe this clampdown, its like an airstrike bombing everything in sight including its allies and enemies, the epitome of Ragnarok itself.

I thank MCM (Mastercuteman101) for taking his time to stream the game on a weekly basis, and also urged him to remove any videos related to the game to avoid getting banned indiscriminately. His support is very much appreciated.

With that, now that the website is done - I am going into the next phase of development, which is upgrading all graphics into HD. It is going to look cool ! Remember, this server is still alive! Till then, back to coffee.

Never back down,
- Windy
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