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[13th March] Spring update 2022, special streaming event

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Dear adventurers,

The latest update is available on the game website to download. We have done major updates which I would include in bullet points below, and along with the latest update comes our spring event as well. Watch the city of Prontera's trees bloom in action, happy Spring 2022 !

We also have our server featured on Twitch with MCM entertainment during 18th March 2022, from 8.30pm to 1am (GMT+8), viewers who plays and watch the stream at the same time will receive mystery rewards which will be announced at the start of the event. Our GMs, including myself will be partaking in the event. Exp and drop rates will be increased onto 10x instead of the usual rate of 5x. See you soon !

List of Updates:
- Game client updated to 2019 build to support item ID above 64k, and in preparation for release of 4th jobs and extended classes
- Daily attendance
- Cash Shop
- Voting Shop (To be released soon, keep voting and store those voting points for the goodies !)
- Day and Night feature, following GMT+8 time zone
- VIP function now works, upon donation
- Added crypto channel on discord channel for crypto transactions

List of fixes:
- Character deletion now works properly, using e-mail as the key to confirm deletion
- Izlude academy 2F map is permanently fixed again after unexpected bug showed up to haunt the previous version
- Missing item sprites for certain equipments
- Fixed an issue where some monsters still stayed on the map upon death
- Disabling of Doram classes for balancing issues

Stay tuned for the next updates !
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